At a time when my life needed a change, I blossomed into an artist, and for nearly fifteen years now I have been hammering copper. My designs in copper are mostly kinetic, and they form wonderful optical illusions as they spin in a gentle breeze. I also sculpt in concrete and most recently, a body of woven wire work has started to come out of me. I love losing a sense of time as I’m focused on an idea, and I’m thankful to be able to dedicate large chunks of my time to bringing these ideas to life. The hardest thing for me, is to START something, but yet, after I do, the PATHWAY has always  provided  the many insights that have, over the years, shaped my fundamental view of the world.  Ideals like quality and grace and balance, the ability to listen and feel, have all come in due course, as my path  has created and ever growing connection with the universe.

I live along the Gulf coast of Alabama, near Fairhope, and feeling landlocked after a twenty year long run in Nashville, I’ve once again taken up residence near the water, surrounded by good friends, good food, and good music, in a climate that is very well suited to the nature of my work.  As my pieces  become more popular, I am able to expand my artistic spirit, and I’m looking forward to where my path leads next.

my story